Fuel Consumption Import Statement

Note: Fuel statements prepared before 30th January will need to be reprinted/republished before they can be used for vehicle certification.

Fuel consumption information for importers:

The purpose of this page is to assist people importing vehicles into New Zealand to satisfy requirements for fuel consumption information. This page is part of the entry certification processes that are detailed in the Guide to Importing a Vehicle.

  1. This section contains facilities to guide you through the process of finding fuel consumption information for your vehicle and presenting this as a fuel consumption statement to a entry certifier along with other compliance documentation.
  2. Any retailer and future re-sellers of your vehicle will be required to display a fuel economy label with the vehicle (or for any online sales). When you print your fuel consumption statement, a fuel economy label will be attached which can be used to satisfy this requirement.
  3. The information you can provide here will also be available for buyers of the vehicle through the NZ Transport Agency's Rightcar and Fuelsaver websites once the vehicle has been registered in New Zealand.


Since 2005 the NZ Transport Agency (the NZTA) has collected fuel consumption information for vehicles entering the fleet. This includes new vehicles manufactured after January 2005 and imported after February 2005 as well as previously registered (used) vehicles from Japan that were manufactured after January 2000 and imported after February 2005.

Accurate and reliable information on vehicle fuel consumption is needed to support government initiatives on climate change, energy efficiency and energy conservation measures.

The Fuel Consumption Information Rule is now law. From 1 February 2009, requirements for fuel consumption information for used imports extend to vehicles from all countries. For more information, see Fuel Consumption Information Rule.

The Rule applies to light vehicles (3500kg or less), except motorcycles. You will need to provide fuel consumption information to the entry certifier when you first register your light vehicle for use in New Zealand. Fuel consumption information is stored on the Motor Vehicle Register with other vehicle details as part of the certification process.